Sustainability and Environmental Policy

International School Uniforms are committed to building a sustainable and environmentally responsible business.

We reuse or recycle all of the cardboard packaging that comes into our business. Which means you'll often receive your delivery in a well used cardboard box.

We are moving towards mailing bags that are made from either recycled plastic or from a sustainable source. Trials using carbon neutral bags manufactured from sugarcane are ongoing.

All of our wastepaper is recycled.

Where polyester is used in the garments we sell, we aim to source garments containing recycled polyester, typically made from plastic bottles.

We are committed to reducing the amount of single use packaging used within the supply chain. We are working with our suppliers to ensure that where they are essential to protect the garment in transit, they are disposed of carefully and recycled where possible.

Any surplus or unusable stock is donated to the UK charity Newlife - the charity for disabled children. If the surplus stock can not be re-used then it is recycled.